Job Opening: Eastern Tir Mara Deputy to the East Kingdom Signet Office

(Last updated October 13, 2013)

Regional deputies are a recent addition to the staff of the East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet. Beginning in January of 2011, these gentles have assisted with the coordination of the annual All Things Scribal event (which rotates each year from region to region), regional scriptoriums/workshops when All Things Scribal or EK Heralds and Scribes is not in their region, and each regional deputy has served as an outreach to the local communities who may have inquiries about the Signet Office, or may need assistance with finding local scribes for non-Kingdom and non-Tir Mara Principality award, championship, or title scrolls (such as for Baronial or Shire tournament prizes, Baronial award scrolls, local guild charters, to name a couple of examples).

The following regional deputy position is currently open, with additional duties as noted below. Please note that all deputies for the East Kingdom Signet Office are asked to hold valid memberships in the SCA, in accordance with Corpora.


Eastern Tir Mara Deputy (Ar n-Eilan, the Incipient Canton of des Rives, Lyndhaven, Ruantallan, and eastern Tir Mara)

Candidates for this position will be assisting the Schola Deputy for the Signet Office by maintaining a roster of active scriptoriums in the local area, and acting as an outreach to the regional populace. Should a member of the Eastern Tir Mara Crown Principality populace have difficulty finding a local scribe to assist them with a personal, private, or group scroll project (such as for a local tournament prize scroll, guild charter, or other non-Kingdom and non-Crown Principality tournament or award scroll), the Eastern Tir Mara Crown Principality Deputy-Clerk may assist with such inquiries by privately contacting local scribes in the area and passing along contact information of the patron/ess accordingly.

Additional duties include the following:

  • Work directly with the Tyger Clerk of the Signet
  • Assist the Tyger Clerk of the Signet with scroll coordination for RPs held in Eastern Tir Mara
  • Coordinate production of Tir Mara Champion scrolls when these Championships are held in Eastern Tir Mara and keep accurate records of these scrolls and scribes on assignment (cc: Tyger Clerk)
  • Assist with translation services for Tir Mara Champions scrolls, and scrolls for RPs held in Lyndhaven and des Rives (incip.)

Candidates should have good communication skills, be organized, be able to maintain confidentiality, and be familiar with the policies of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet and East Kingdom Scribes Handbook. Experience as a scribe is preferred, but not necessary, as this is more of an administrative position. Regular contact with the Tyger Clerk of the Signet and Schola Deputy is expected of this position, and contact with the New Scribes Deputy is expected should any new scribes from Eastern Tir Mara wish to also create scrolls for the East Kingdom. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel is also encouraged; this position may support the Western Tir Mara Deputy as needed.

Applications are due to Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte, East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet by September 20  November 30, 2013, at signet @