Call for Applications: Tyger Clerk of the Signet

Gilded Greetings unto all,


The East holds many of the most talented scribes in the Known World, and it has been an honor to serve all of you in the East in these last few years. At East Kingdom 12th Night in January 2015, I will be stepping down as Tyger Clerk of the Signet.

I would encourage those who may be interested in the position of Tyger Clerk of the Signet to please give this careful thought. The list of duties of the Kingdom Signet are long, and the hours in a single day’s work are short (unfortunately, the parts for the time machine are on back order!).

Besides fulfilling the duties of a Greater Officer of State, the Signet is the head of the East Kingdom College of Scribes, and is usually one of the first points of contact for many of our volunteer artists. You will hold the confidentiality of the Crown, you will bear the responsibility of representing the scribes in a positive light, and you’ll need to be highly organized and tactful while working directly with Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, the scribes, other Kingdom Officers, and members of both the Royal and heraldic staves on a regular basis. Last-minute requests for scroll production, while not the norm, will still happen from time to time; you may come across several different personalities during your work, and of course, there’s the likelihood that you may receive a phone call or message in the late hours of the night by a scribe seeking your guidance on either artistry or scroll transportation logistics.

Each challenge presents its own opportunity and learning experience – both for the Tyger Clerk and for those seeking the Signet Office’s support – and good people skills and judgement skills are certainly needed in each situation. Distributing scroll assignments, familiarity with Kingdom and Society Law, and knowledge of the Policies of the Tyger Clerk and the East Kingdom Scribes Handbook are all a very large part of the job (and it really is a second job), but you will find there is more to this position than data entry, logistics, and officer reports into the small hours of the night. There have been many fond memorable moments for me with the scribes, Crown, populace, and cousin Signets across our borders during my time in office, and I would wish the same joyful experiences upon my successor in Office.

Please send letters of intent to Their Highnesses ( and and myself (, with a copy to Mistress Mercedes (East Kingdom Seneschal, by August 25, 2014. Letters will be reviewed in confidence, and an announcement of my successor will be published in the October Pikestaff, or possibly announced at our All Things Scribal event in Concordia of the Snows on September 20, 2014.


Yours in Gratitude and in Service,


Baroness Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, Tyger Clerk of the Signet