Mailing Instructions and Scribal Whims for the Reign of Edward III and Thyra II

Greetings, all!

As the reign of Edward and Thyra is now upon us, please pardon this brief announcement with regard to scribal efforts and organization, thanks!

Scribal Whims for the current reign of Edward and Thyra:

  • In addition to the Scroll Gallery on the East Kingdom College of Scribes Website, scribes and artisans alike will have the opportunity to see their work published on a special page on the Royal website (hosted on the server) dedicated to the artisans of the East Kingdom. To see your work published on the royal website, please make sure you have completed an SCA Creative Release form and submitted it to Mistress Contance de St. Denis with a cc: to the Tyger Clerk. Don’t have a good photo of your work? Don’t worry. There are photographers on Their Majesties’ staff this reign who can take care of photographing your scroll for you at each event, and will be happy to provide the photograph to the royal webminister once your Creative Release form has been received.
  • We will be reverting back to the traditional titles of King and Queen, Rex and Regina, or whichever equivalent titles translate to “King” and “Queen” in scroll texts this reign.
  • Please, whenever possible, avoid referring to Her Majesty as “Queen of Love and Beauty”. Her Majesty wishes to be referred to with any other courteous/descriptive adjectives except for these.
  • Scroll shipments may go to either Mistress Alys (royal herald for this reign) or Her Majesty Thyra. If you need mailing instructions for either Alys or Her Majesty, please don’t hesitate to contact me privately.
  • Please consider that with the approach of cold weather, wintry weather especially can delay mailed scrolls. Please plan any shipped scrolls accordingly.
  • For scrolls due at 100 Minutes War, Ruantallan Investiture, Feste des Glaces, Birka, Ile du Dragon Dormant Investiture, and Mudthaw, if you must ship your scroll, please make arrangements for it to be delivered to either Alys or Her Majesty no later than by the Wednesday before the event, to allow Their Majesties and Alys sufficient time to pack accordingly.

Thank you,