Scroll Delivery Instructions

  • The royals would prefer Empress & Emperor, Basileus & Basilissa, Autokrator & Autokratera. for Their Titles, (though They are fine with regional alternates for scrolls specific to a recipient’s persona).

  • Inquiries about Royal court may be directed to the Eastern Crown Herald (Royal Herald) for TRM Brennan and Caoilfhionn: Lady Liadan Ingen Chineada and

  • Scrolls that are protected against bending can be shipped to Their Majesties at: ¬†Adam and Meredith Hull at 41B Troy Drive Springfield, NJ 07081.

  • Please note: scrolls that are shipped will be left on a doorstep. So, they should be protected from the elements.

East Kingdom Law Changes

Greetings to the Scribes of the East,

I have now been in the office of Tyger Clerk of the Signet for about 3 months. So far the vast majority of the scribes have made the transition an easy and painless affair. I want to start by thanking you all for helping me get started in a difficult and time consuming position. I know there have been some missteps, but you have all been forgiving and patient.

During the previous reign, that of Edward and Thyra, there were multiple Curias. In those meetings there were changes to the laws of the East Kingdom which are near and dear to the hearts of the Scribes of the East. I thought I would take this opportunity to summarize those changes.
Numerous awards had their names changed to be more in keeping with the laws of the Society. Those include:
  • The Golden Kinder was renamed – Award of Gilder
  • The Queen’s Honor of Distinction was renamed – Queen’s award of Esteem
  • King’s Esteem of Merit is now – King’s Award of Esteem
  • The Gift of the Golden Lyre is now – The Award of the Golden Lyre
  • Tyger of the Foreign Legions was changed to – Company of the Pennon of the East
  • The King’s Order of the Tyger of Valor is now – The Order of Valor of the East
These are only name changes and do not affect the prestige of the award in any way.
Then there are 2 new awards.
One I am sure most of you have heard of: The Master of Defence (Defense) that is the new peerage for fencing prowess.
The second one is the Order of the Golden Lance. The following is from East kingdom Law.
The Order of the Golden Lance (established March 28 A.S. 49, 2015, by Edward III and Thyra II) may be given to gentles in the East Kingdom who have distinguished themselves by prowess in the equestrian lists and demonstrated service to the Kingdom in marshalling, teaching, and helping to promote and expand the knowledge of equestrian arts.
In the near future I will release an update to the Scribes Handbook for the East Kingdom that reflect these changes.
If anyone has any questions about any of these changes, let me know.
Thank you all,
Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel
Tyger clerk of the signet