Thank you and Introduction

Greetings all.

Yesterday I stepped up as the Tyger Clerk of the Signet. I don’t think
we can thank Nest verch Tangwistel enough for all the hard work as
signet, and I am personally thankful for all the guidance she has given
me in the transition period. I am delighted that Nest will be able to
retire to her country estate after her hard work for the Signet, but
will still be available for the future for scribal assignments and advice.

To introduce myself, I have been a scribe for over 15 years, and had a
varied career in the SCA. I am known for my fencing mainly, and some
may not be aware that I have also served for a time on the exchequer’s
council, served on a committee for the Board of Directors of the SCA,
dabbled with archery, armored spear fighting, and heraldry. I have also
brought up two delightful daughters in the SCA.

As Nest has noted, please direct any requests, questions, etc. to me. I
am excited to begin this job and am happy to be working with so many
talented people.

Please come introduce yourself to me at events. I would like to discuss
your art and support our scribal community. My next event will be
Mudthaw and I’m looking forward to meeting people there.

Many thanks.

Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova