Backlog Scroll Request

When an award is given out in Court by Their Majesties it is usually accompanied by a scroll, for those awards that bestow scrolls. Occasionally, for a multitude of reasons, a scroll-bearing award is given out without a scroll and is then assigned to the Backlog process following court. If you believe that you received an award that should have included a scroll but didn’t  please contact the Backlog Deputy (click to email him).

We try to maintain as much information as possible to help scribes complete backlog assignments. This typically includes:

  • Name of recipient.
  • Award name.
  • Event, date, and local group where presented.
  • Names of royalty making award.
  • Reason award was given, if possible.
  • Contact person, including email and mailing address if available. 

When you contact us, please have whatever information is available about your award. We will first confirm the award, date, and royalty making the award. Next, we will check our records to see if the scroll is already in the Backlog process, is delayed, or missing. For delayed scrolls, you will receive a time-frame for delivery. For missing scrolls, we will first try to track the scroll down then, if that is not possible, add it to the Backlog process. Once in the Backlog process, if a scribe is available, the scribe will be assigned to complete the scroll.

Once the scroll is complete, there are a few options. If the scribe knows you personally they may deliver it to you directly. Otherwise, the scroll will be delivered to the Signet Office staff and we will contact you to arrange delivery.

For a backlog scroll to be distributed upon completion, the award or title bestowed within the scroll text must be already included in a published court report in the Pikestaff or in the East Kingdom Order of Precedence.

While the scroll you receive may not have been signed by the bestowing Crown, we recommend that you consider locating the original bestowing Crown, or the current Royalty, for signatures. At any point, the current Crown may opt to exercise Their right to sign their names on behalf of Their Esteemed Ancestors’ bestowed awards and titles, especially as witnesses and heirs to the court business of Their predecessors.

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