Mailing Scrolls

Confirm the Mailing Address
Before you mail anything, contact the person designated to receive scrolls for the reign. This may be the Crown, the Herald, or someone else entirely. The current mailing information will be in the assignment email. Why contact the person in advance? They may need you to send the scroll to a different address or have a special time line for that event.

Have It Arrive by Wednesday at the Latest
Keep in mind that scrolls need to arrive BEFORE the person leaves for the event. This means that you need to make sure they arrive by Wednesday, unless you’ve made arrangements with the person in advance to have a later delivery. Many events will be a long drive for the person and they leave early, sometimes directly from work.

Also remember that the US Postal Service only guarantees delivery for Express Mail and even that can be late. DO NOT trust Priority Mail unless you are mailing at least a full week in advance. Try to send scrolls in a manner that includes tracking. This is included with USPS Express Mail, UPS and FedEx.

Waive the Signature Requirement
Unless specifically told otherwise, do not require a signature for receipt. People usually don’t have time to run to the post office or shipping company to pick up something that wasn’t left at the door because they were not home.

Secure and Rigid Packaging
When you pack scrolls for mailing always include some stiffener, such as cardboard, that is larger than the scroll itself. Try to use something water resistant around the scroll. There are extra large, 2 gallon and larger, zip-top plastic bags available in some grocery stores and in a pinch you can use the plastic UPS/Fed-Ex bags which can then go inside the Post Office mailer. Get creative! Another good idea is to tape down any edges or openings.

Remember to mark the outside of the envelope boldly “DO NOT BEND” and “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” (emphasis on NO).

Other Options
Get the scroll done early and have it delivered to an earlier event where it can be hand carried.
Ask people in your area if they are going to the event and can hand deliver the scroll.