When an award is given out in Court by Their Majesties it is usually accompanied by a scroll. Occasionally, for a multitude of reasons, the award is given out without a scroll and is assigned to the Backlog process.

We try to maintain as much information as possible to help scribes complete these backlog assignments. This typically includes:

  • Name of recipient.
  • Award name.
  • Event, date, and local group where presented.
  • Names of royalty granting the award.
  • Reason award was given, if possible.
  • Contact person, if possible.

When you would like a Backlog scroll assignment, whether for something specific or for any scroll that needs doing, contact the Backlog Deputy. You will receive whatever information is available for your assigned scroll and be given a target completion date. This is typically 3 months from the time of the backlog-assignment. Please keep in touch while working on the backlog assignment and let us know if you need more time, have questions, have completed the scroll, or have any other issue that occurs.

Once the scroll is complete, please email the Backlog Deputy as soon as possible and let them know you’re done. Arrangements for deliveries (either through the mail, personal delivery by the scribe to the recipient, or delivery through a member of the Signet Office staff in-person) should be made through the Backlog Deputy. We keep accurate records to make sure your work goes where it belongs and is properly credited. If it is convenient for you, go ahead and get the signatures of the royalty who originally gave the award, but if not, do not worry about it. We feel it is more important to get the scroll to the recipient than worry too much about getting signatures.

Be aware that it is not possible to have backlogs presented in courts. We hope you will understand, and that you will help us make the process of getting the scrolls to the recipients as smooth as possible.