Scroll Delivery Instructions

In Person Delivery
When you (or your delivery person) arrives at the event ask the event staff where the Royal Room is located. As early in the day as possible go to the Royal Room and ask for the person who is designated to receive scrolls that day. This will most often be the Royal Herald or herald’s designee. Hand the scroll to a designated person only. If a designated person is not there, return in a little while and try again. Do not just leave the scroll lying on a table. It may be damaged, forgotten or thrown away (all these have happened). Please remember to write on the outside of your scroll’s packaging the number of scrolls contained within and the name or names of the court(s) the scrolls inside are due for, as the heralds will sort the scrolls accordingly during the day. It is also important to hand the heralds a neatly typed copy of your scrolls words, as calligraphy can be difficult to read.

Mailing Scrolls
See the Mailing Guidelines.

Delivery for Coronation
There will be two sets of Royalty awarding scrolls at a Coronation, therefore make sure that you know which set is receiving yours. If your scroll is for the morning court (Last Court, Divestiture, etc) make sure your scroll arrives as close to site opening as possible as the Crown will have several scrolls to sign and not much time to sign them before the start of the day’s court activities.

If you are running late, please contact the court herald.