Roles and Responsibilities

Emergency Deputy

The Emergency Deputy is the Deputy Signet. They assist in assigning scrolls to scribes, maintaining accurate records, liaising with scribes, and other tasks as delegated. The Emergency Deputy may be empowered to act as Signet if asked or if the Signet is unavailable.

Royal Awards Scheduler

The Royal Awards Scheduler (also known as Awards Scheduler) for the Signet’s office schedules awards given by the Crown by coordinating with the reign staff and the office of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet. They are the primary contact for award recommenders for when an award will be given. They also help maintain the list of awards being given for a reign and what are passed to the next set of royals. They also adhere to the guidelines as defined in the Policies of the Royal Awards Scheduler.

Backlog Deputy

The Backlog Deputy maintains, tracks, and updates the list of backlog scroll assignments in the East. They also coordinate the creation of these scrolls and their delivery to the recipients. They also adhere to guidelines as defined in the Policies of the Backlog Deputy.

New Scribes Deputy

The New Scribes Deputy acts as a liaison for new scribes and those interested in becoming scribes in the East. This Deputy’s office also fosters the continuing education of new scribes as they work towards taking on live assignments for the kingdom. They help maintain the Roster of Active Scribes with the Signet and Emergency Deputy.

Schola Deputy

The Schola Deputy is the main point of coordination for scribal themed events as sponsored by the Officer of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet. They may be asked to work with Regional Deputies to coordinate regional scribal events and help find or vet teachers.

Special Projects Deputy

The Special Projects Deputy works on small, specific projects on behalf of the Signet. This can be anything from generating data for reports to the Crown, creating a gallery or display at an event, or anything in between.

Deputy for Special Artisans

The Deputy for Artisans maintains, tracks, and updates a list of non-traditional scroll artisans in the College of Scribes and helps match artisans to requested tasks from the crown such as the creation of tokens or cyphers. Artisans may also let this deputy know they would like active assignments and the Deputy will coordinate with the Signet to fulfill those requests.

Deputy for Wordsmiths

The Deputy for Wordsmiths maintains, tracks, and updates a list of wordsmiths in the College of Scribes and helps match scribes scribes to available wordsmiths for live or backlog assignments.

Regional Deputies

Each regional deputy is asked to encourage scribes/scribal in their region.

  • Examples of this may include:
    • Regional outreach of local scribes
    • Facilitating a rotating schedule of hosting a scribal event
    • Working with the New Scribes Deputy to pair scribes up with local groups for support if needed 
    • Maintain a list of regional gatherings or scriptoriums
    • Check in with the Signet quarterly to give updates, ask questions, and in general report in about how the scribes in their area are doing.


The Webminister for the Signet’s office maintains and updates the Signet website, updates email aliases for the office deputies, makes updates to the Signet’s officer list on the main East Kingdom website, and may be asked to help with various online projects as needed.