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Welcome to the East Kingdom College of Scribes!

Greetings to all potential new scribes, whether your interest lies in calligraphy, illumination, as a wordsmith or any combination of these! We are so pleased you have found your way here and look forward to working with you. We will help guide you to gain confidence in your work until you are comfortable in taking an assignment. We can help you find other scribes in your area, point you to resources, and try to answer your questions.

To get started there is some paperwork that needs completing:

Also, contact the Deputy for New Scribes describing your interest, any experience or lack there-of and if it is possible, samples of your work. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page or send an email to

In addition to regular scroll assignments that are given out at a scheduled court with an award, Kingdom scribes may also work on backlog scrolls. A scroll becomes backlogged for a number of reasons, including loss or damage beyond repair of the original, or on rare occasion, insufficient advance notice for a scribe to complete the scroll before the scheduled Royal court. The time frame for completing backlogs is much more flexible than for regular assignments, with a standard lead time of four months or less for completion. If a scribe working on a backlog assignment needs an extension, there is no problem with asking the Backlog Deputy for a little more time, provided that the assignment has been accepted with the intent of completion.

Specific requirements for scrolls are very few, most have to do with the text, and can be found in the EK Scribes Handbook. The Handbook also contains some basic information on materials, brief descriptions of the various awards, and other resources. There are also drawings of the various EK Badges in the handbook and available as black-and-white line drawings. To further assist you in understanding the procedures behind scroll creation, and your responsibilities as a scribe, author, or artisan in service to the East Kingdom College of Scribes, we recommend all scribes to read and be familiar with the Policies of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet.

With your first assignment, we may ask you to fill out an SCA Creative Release FormThis permits us to reproduce your work as indicated on the form, e.g. adding it to our scribal gallery. Please fill-in this form and return it to the Tyger Clerk only if you wish to have your work published; the Signet Office will not use your images without signed consent in advance. Scribes are still able to participate without a signed Creative Release on file, but their work will not be published until a completed form is received.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Signet Staff


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