Completed Backlogs

Following is a list of scrolls in the possession of the Backlog Deputy. If you see your name on this list, please contact the Backlog Deputy (click to email) to arrange delivery of your scroll. If you see a friend of yours on this list, please let them know about this, or please provide us with a valid email address where we can contact them directly.

Current Backlog Portfolio (as of 01-Feb-2023):

  • (none ready for mailing)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a recipient, or are willing to personally take delivery of one of these scrolls on the recipient’s behalf, please contact the Backlog Deputy. However if you merely know of a recipient, or don’t have direct contact information other than through social media, or know that their third-cousin-once-removed’s former household-mate will be at a given event, please use that information yourself to alert the recipient. Given the current state of the backlog inventory, we do not have the capability to follow a trail of leads to the recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: Backlogs are generally not given out again in court unless you have made proper arrangements with both Their Majesties and the Backlog Deputy in advance of the event, and Their Majesties have agreed to do this. We ask that you please not assume that your scroll will be presented in court, before making contact through the proper channels of communication. For more information on presentations of Backlog scrolls, obtaining signatures for them, and requests to do backlog scrolls for specific gentles, please review the Policies of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet prior to contacting our Backlog Deputy.

Thank you.