12th Night Scroll Clinic, Backlogs, and Birka Display


As of this missive, 12th Night is nearly upon us, and the reign has certainly proven to be a busy one for all scribes assisting with East Kingdom award scrolls. Thank you to each of you who has literally lent their hands to this collaborative effort at a time when family, school, the holidays, and a number of other priorities are placed ahead of the Society. 12th Night and Birka being normally close together and large courts by nature, your efforts in helping the Royalty produce wonderful works of art to glorify the deeds of each recipient has not gone unnoticed. No matter which Kingdom you hail from, or how new you may be to the scribal arts as we practice them in the East Kingdom, the East Kingdom Signet Office staff is indebted to your assistance in making sure each recipient will receive the scroll they are due.

Bearing this in mind, 2012 has been a rough year for many, inclusive of the need for many scribes to pause from their work to assist with the cleanup efforts following Hurricane Sandy, in addition to our own personal challenges. While it is my hope that as of this point most of the populace has regained its footing at least somewhat since then, if you should find that you have a moment to assist Lady Lada (our new Schola deputy) and I at 12th Night for a clinic intended for the review of and potential repair or replacement of weather-damaged or otherwise damaged or unfortunately destroyed scrolls, your assistance in any small tweaks to a scroll are appreciated. The populace is welcome to bring their damaged and worn scrolls to us in a room on site, however should the whole scroll be damaged beyond repair, we will be taking notes and contact information down for potential replacement efforts. This may mean more backlogs, of which there is already a queue, so if you find you cannot attend the event but wish to assist, and have time for another assignment before I have another batch to distribute from Their Majesties, please consider contacting Master Thomas de Castellan, our Backlog Deputy, at backlog @ eastkingdom.org.

At the close of January, the East Kingdom will traditionally chase off winter’s roar with a weekend of merriment in the Barony of Stonemarche, at the Market Day at Birka, held in the Radisson in Manchester, NH on January 25-27. The populace and the scribes of the East are welcome to bring a favorite scroll with them for display there, and all scribes participating in the Estrella War Gift scrolls are required to turn these scrolls in at the display (if you miss out on turning in your gift scroll at the Birka display, a grace period has been allotted for, so your work may be turned in at K&Q A&S as a backup date). This year both the A&S display and the scroll display will have separate rooms, both located on the mezzanine above the concierge. If you wish to take a shift of watching over the scrolls for an hour or so, please contact Lady Lada (scribe.schola @ eastkingdom.org), but if you’d like to just drop by to visit and take a look around, that’s fine too.

In addition to this, if you know of someone who may be interested in becoming an East Kingdom scribe, or if you know of someone who may just want to do one or two scrolls for the East Kingdom College of Scribes, please feel free to direct them to our New Scribes deputy, Mistress Eleanor Catlyng (newscribes @ eastkingdom.org) or myself. I will be available in-person at both 12th Night at the clinic until 2pm there, and Birka at the scroll display until shortly before court; if you miss either Eleanor or I at a future event, please consider emailing us. We’d love to hear from you, and hope to make any new scribe’s experience a positive one.

Thank you all, and bright wishes for a New Year!
Yours in Service,

Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte, OL
East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet